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Religious ceremonies

Please contact the official of your chosen religious building for information in the first instance. 

For Church of England and Wales

Please contact your vicar for advice.

For all other denominations

You can marry or form a civil partnership in a religious building (that is approved for worship and marriage or civil partnership) if it is situated in the registration district where one or both of you reside.

You may, however, marry/form a civil partnership in a religious building in a district where neither of you reside, if it is the usual place of worship of one or both of you.

As part of the legal formalities, you will be required to give notice of marriage/civil partnership in your local registration office [GOV.UK].

You may also need to book a registrar to attend and register your marriage. If this applies to you, please contact us as soon as possible to see if a registrar is available.

Pre-order your marriage certificate

If you are getting married at a church, please pre-order your church marriage certificate.

Please visit our ceremony fees page for prices.