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Civil partnerships

Civil partnerships are available to everyone

Civil partnerships are open to opposite sex and same sex couples.

A civil partnership, unlike a marriage, does not require a ceremony, meaning that you can choose to sign the schedule in the presence of two witnesses. Please contact us to book an appointment.

The civil partnership will be registered once each of you have signed the civil partnership schedule in the presence of the registrar and two witnesses.

If you wish to have a ceremony, you can find out more about the types of services we offer on our ceremonies we offer page.

How to choose your ceremony and confirm your choices

Once you have decided on your ceremony, contact us to book the date and time. For costs for this and other services we offer, visit ceremony fees.

Legal requirements

In order to form a civil partnership you each need to give notice of your intention at your local registration office [GOV.UK]. There is then a minimum 28-day waiting period before your ceremony. If you are subject to immigration control the waiting period could be extended up to 70 days.

Conversion of a civil partnership to a marriage

For details of how to convert your civil partnership to a marriage please contact us.